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WELCOME to the Crimson Mist website!!!

Our guild originally started out in Everquest, and in it's prime had more than 200 players all working together toward common goals in that mmorpg.

Although CM would love to take players of all ages, we have come to realize that in order to keep some harmony within our ranks, we would be a guild for those 18 years of age or older.  Exceptions are only granted on a case by case basis, and generally involve a member's children. This is more a maturity issue then an age issue.

CM strives to be active in every part of the Star Wars the Old Republic universe; however, we do not wish to be "hardcore" in any one aspect.  We believe that a good guild has something to offer everyone, and to limit ourselves to being a "Raid Guild" or an "Instance Guild" would indeed leave some people feeling left out.

The founding principals of CM still exist today:
 - Help as many people as we can, and make friends along the way
 - No drama in guild chat
 - And if someone decides to leave the guild, we wish them good travels.

In public we want to be seen as a mature group of players.  We want to be respected as people who play the game for the game.  And we never want to draw a negative light to our guild colors.

Welcome to Crimson Mist!

Kurisu                                                                           Shivale
- Guild Leader                                                               - Guild Founder
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CM_Kurisu, Dec 12, 11 4:12 PM.
Crimson Mist has been assigned the European PVE server - Luka Sene.

Some lucky people will have game access as early as tomorrow (December 13). May the Force Be With you!

CM Gears Up For SWtOR

CM_Kurisu, Dec 11, 11 7:10 PM.
With the announcement of an official launch December 20 and a pre-order launch date of December 14th, we're starting to get excited! Chech out the forum for info on the various Republic classes!
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